What To Expect When Working With A Professional Home Buyer In Florida

Most people know what a realtor is and have pre-determined ideas or have experiences about what they do for you, as a seller. On the other hand, some sellers might not know what to expect when working with a professional home buyer in Florida, . Sellers can expect a professional homebuyer to provide simple, stress-free … Continued

279. Guide on Selling a condo in Florida in 2024? [FAQ]

Looking to sell your condo in Florida? This comprehensive guide walks you through essential steps, including pricing, marketing, and legal processes. Discover the best time to sell, mandatory disclosures, closing costs, and HOA considerations. Learn about property taxes, homestead protection, and potential forced sales. Understand HOA dues, seller closing costs, and access to condo documents. … Continued

277. 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Land in Florida [2024 Guide]

When you decide to buy land, it can be an exciting step toward building your dream home or making a smart real estate investment. However, the process can be tricky and full of potential problems. Today, I’ll share some important mistakes to avoid when buying land, to ensure your purchase goes smoothly. Here are the … Continued

276. 5 Tips To Find Land Buyers in Florida

Do you have vacant land that you want to sell? Then you’re probably searching right now for land buyers in Florida who can buy your raw land. If you’ve been seeking to sell undeveloped land, you’re likely aware of the challenges in finding the perfect buyer. This kind of sale presents a unique set of … Continued

275. Selling a House With Code Violations in Florida? Review FAQ

Selling a house in Florida that has code violations or unpermitted work entails navigating a complex legal landscape. While it is indeed possible to sell such a property, stringent regulations dictate the process. Before proceeding with a sale, it is important for sellers to disclose any code violations or unpermitted work to potential buyers. Failure … Continued

274. Landlord’s FAQ to Renting Out Property in Florida

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide on landlord-tenant matters in Florida! Here, we address common queries surrounding tenant conflicts, rights, and legal procedures in the Sunshine State. From resolving disputes between tenants to understanding landlord obligations and eviction processes, this FAQ aims to provide clarity on various aspects of rental agreements and tenancy … Continued

272. Understanding Capital Gains Tax in Florida [2024 GUIDE]

Are you eyeing a move in Florida? Wondering about the ins and outs of capital gains taxes? Whether you’re settling into the Sunshine State or thinking about cashing in on your property investment, understanding the tax implications is crucial. Living in your home for at least two years can save you from hefty tax bills, … Continued

271. Florida Real Estate Capital Gains Tax Explained [2024]

If you’ve sold an investment or property for a profit in Florida, you’re probably wondering about the taxes you’ll owe on those gains. Understanding capital gains taxes is essential for managing your finances effectively. By knowing how these taxes work, you can make informed decisions to minimize the amount you’ll owe. This blog breaks down … Continued
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